Supply Chain/Logistics

To support the range of activities offered by our businesses, logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM) is recognized as a centre of excellence within the Dishman Group. It plays a vital role which complements our overall product and service offering.

SCM organises the storage and flow of materials across international supply networks in an efficient, compliant and timely manner. We continuously seek to reduce costs and increase our levels of service, and then pass these benefits downstream to our end users.

Supply chain diagram


Our products are delivered from our production facilities to our customer’s nominated airport, seaport or inland delivery destination of choice. To ensure rapid delivery selected multi-user items, and other products by request, are held in warehouses neighbouring our customers

More intricate arrangements, including contract research, contract manufacture and HiPo projects are allocated a key individual from the supply chain panel to offer the specialized level of sensitivity and supervision required.

Our centralized SCM policies ensure proven best practices are replicated in all our marketplaces. We have positioned our own experts in each major territory to help facilitate differing legislative, cultural and customary practices around the globe.

The SCM removes the logistical burden from small to medium sized enterprises, and for clients inexperienced in import and export, and remain available to offer advice, discuss opportunities and provide pro-active solutions for all of our customers.


  • Manufacturing flow management
  • International storage and multi-modal distribution methodologies
  • Kilo to multi-tonne, liquid to solid, hazardous and temperature controlled supply
  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Order fulfilment and demand chain management
  • Customs and duty/tax planning
  • International trade and regulatory compliance
  • Key customer and supplier account management
  • International contracts: transport, insurance, sales and finance
  • Benchmarking and performance metrics